Phyllodesmium sp.

Photo courtesy of Roland Pieper
Photo taken at Sebang Beach, Puerto Galera, Philippines

This week the webmaster is walking the "plank" with what appears to be an undescribed Phyllodesmium . This is definitely a genus with extreme variation. When I first saw it on a CD that Roland sent me and tried fitting it to described Phyllodesmium , it was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole! Even our in house panel of experts were at a lost to assign a name to this guy!

So if any of you readers have any ideas on our BOW subject this week, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Mike Miller
San Diego, Calif
Oct., 2006

Roland Pieper at ease in Sebang Beach, Puerto Galera with new Sony HDR-HC1 HDV Camcorder
Roland was born in 1958 and started diving in the early 90's. For the most part he only dives in warm water if there is any choice. On his third outing as a diver he rented a Nikonos V and has never looked back since. Some years later Roland bought a Nikonos RS with macro attachments which enabled a focus on very small sea creatures.

Roland at present prefers the Philippines (Puerto Galera) as he considers that part of the world a macro paradise. Roland certainly will not get an argument on that point of view from the Webmaster!

More recently Roland has acquired a Sony HDR HC1 HDV Camcorder with intention of eventually taking High Definition Video under water.

Roland Pieper
Oct. 2006

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