Dendrodoris denisoni

Photo courtesy of Carole Harris
Photo taken at Dubai, UAE

Dendrodoris denisoni (Angas, 1874)

Almost as pretty as a chromodorid, this species lacks a radula and is therefore a porostome. Dendrodoris denisoni differs from most dendrodorids (except D. tuberulosa in have a highly tuberculate dorsum. Its identification cannot be mistaken due to the presence of deep blue spots in the notal pits between the compound tubercles. Its wide variation in color can be seen on The Sea Slug Forum.

This species is known from throughout the tropical and warm temperate Indo-West Pacific. Specimens may reach 80-90 mm in length.

Like all porostomes, D. denisoni is a sponge eater. Because it has no radula or jaws to bite and chew the sponge tissue, these critters spit a pool of digestive enzymes onto the surface of the sponge, and then slurp up the resultant soup of the softened sponge tissue.

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Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Oct., 2006

Carole Harris

Nudibranch Calendar 2007

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2005

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