Doris odhneri

Photo courtesy of Tracy Clark and "Mick" McMurray (Finder)
Photo taken at Point Loma ancient sea cliffs, San Diego, California
Specimen size about 4 inches!

Doris odhneri (MacFarland, 1966)

Previously assigned to the genus Archidoris , this is one of the largest cryptobranch dorid on the California coast. Specimens may reach up to 200 mm in length. The animal is pure white, with no marking what so ever. The notal surface is covered with large rounded tubercles. Some specimens in Puget Sound and Canada have a yellow cast. This species is a sponge eater, feeding on Halichondria, Craniella, Hymeniacidon, Lissodendoryx, Mycale and Stylissa. It ranges from the Bering Sea to San Diego, California. Juveniles might be confused with Aldisa tara and other white dorids.

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
August, 2006

Tracy Clark at La Jolla Shores

Tracy Clark was certified in 1986, a month after being certified he rented a underwatercamera in Hawaii and was hooked. Tracy is a Public Works Lead Worker . He dives mostly San Diego areas, plus a few trips to Hawaii. He has placed in the PCUPC photo contest, and also the San Diego Unions Nature and Eye photo contest. He has had photos published in the Pacific Diver magazine and also Espacio Profundo. Tracy was also SDUPS Photographer of the Year in 1999.

Picture was taken with a Nikon D-70, Sea & Sea housing, two YS-90 strobes.

You will find Tracy at La Jolla Shores almost every weekend and sometimes on Friday.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2005