Hoplodoris sp.

Photo courtesy of Webmaster
Batangas, Philippines
May 2006
Hoplodoris sp.

Dave Behrens is on vacation and Hans is down at LA Bay in Mexico so you're stuck with the Webmaster for this week's BOW. This week's subject was last week's video presentation . No feedback was received on the Genus or Species (undescribed) placement so I'll run with it again this week but will certainly welcome any ideas from the readers as to who this mystery slug is.

On other matters, I will be presenting a paper at the upcoming WSM conference in Seattle on the impact the Internet is having past,present, and the future on the study of marine sea slugs. I have a perspective as a Webmaster but would like to gain insights from you as the reader. If you have any thoughts and would like to share them, please drop me a line at


And in closing, I would like to make a call to any sluggers using any of the Sony 1080i High Definition video camcorders to take HD video of sea slugs. I am in a position to edit your clips and and transcode them to 720p clips for possible presentation on the site. Please contact me at my email address for details.

Michael D. Miller
San Diego, Calif
July 2006

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