Aegires flores

Photo courtesy of Terry Gosliner

Aegires flores Fahey and Gosliner, 2004

Photo courtesy of Shireen Fahey
SEM of Radula of A. flores radula seen below.

Distribution: Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi, the Philippine Islands, Japan.

The dorsum is cream color and some overlying colors that range from gray-white with yellow-topped tubercles to brown with orange-topped tubercles. There are twelve paddle-shaped tubercles around the gill and these can be translucent white with white tips or translucent yellow with darker yellow tips.

The rhinophores in all color forms are translucent white as are the gill leaves. The dorsum is completely covered by small raised tubercles, some with rounded tops. There are approximately five flat-topped tubercles protecting the rhinophore pocket. This species ranges from 411 mm in length.

Aegires flores has a unique external morphology to other Aegires species. Most noticeable are the paddle-shaped gill appendages. The tubercles on the outside of the rhinophore pockets also resemble those around the gill, both in shape and in color. The dorsal tubercles are all much lower than the protective tubercles, a feature not shared by other Aegires species.

Citation :

Fahey, S. J. & Gosliner, T. M. (2004) A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Aegiridae Fischer, 1883 (Mollusca, Nudibranchia, Phanerobranchia) with Descriptions of Eight New Species and a Reassessment of Phanerobranch Relationships. Proceedings of the CaliforniaAcademy of Sciences, 55, (34): 613689, 82 figs., 4 tables (Appendix).

Shireen Fahey
San Francisco, Calif
Jan. 2006

WEBMASTER'S NOTES : Gary Cobb replied almost immediately when this BOW was put up with a paler rendition of Aegires flores seen on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Gary reports their size up to 17mm and always on the pale side. Thanks Gary for the heads up!

Photo courtesy of Dave Behrens
Taxonomic text courtesy of Shireen Fahey

Dr. Shireen Fahey and Dr. Terry Gosliner at California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California.

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