Favorinus elenalexiarum

with egg mass

Isla Cerralvo, Baja California Sur
Photo courtesy of Hans Bertsch

Favorinus elenalexiarum, García and Troncoso, 2001

Usually the nudibranch of the week features a slug. However, I thought it might be appropriate to use this week’s to show the young ladies after whom the species was named!

In July, Rosa and I went to Panamá to attend the VI CLAMA (Congreso Latino-Americano de Malacología) conference. Also present were Francisco “Paco” García and Jesús Troncoso with their families. It gave us a great chance to take some pictures. The first picture shows Elena García (on the left in the bluish dress), and Alexia Troncoso (on the right, pinkish, Lucky 11). The second photo shows the five of us, but the proud papas switched holding each other’s little girl! From left to right, Jesús, Elena, I, Alexia, and Paco. The third photo shows the three “guys,” Paco, myself, and Jesús.

Well, obviously, a topic of great concern was animatedly discussed: whether the species name should be elenalexiae (as they originally proposed), or elenalexiarum (as I proposed, genitive female plural). Consensus was not really reached, but I proposed that some species be named jesuspacorum (masculine genitive plural) and hansrosaorum (genitive plural with both male and female, like marcusorum).

A truly great, familiar meeting! Good people, and the girls are really proud of their species.

Dr. Hans Bertsch
Imperial Beach, Calif
October, 2005

HANS and ROSA after dinner with the García and Troncoso families, Panama City.

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