Platydoris ocellata

Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat
Photo courtesy of Jim Black

Platydoris ocellata, Dorgan, Valdes & Gosliner, 2002

Dave Behrens is out on the road this week, so yours truly is filling in for him. Fortunately the subject for this week is fairly straight forward taxon wise so identification shouldn't become a haunting issue later. Jim Black , a long time contributor to the site was gracious enough to submit the image above, taken during a night dive near Waigeo Island,Raja Ampat.

Platydoris ocellata is one of my favorite branchs although I've never had the opportunity to see one live. Guess that's as good as reason as any to schedule another dive trip. For those of you who are interested in perhaps looking for this guy. Here is a big hint. Most members of the Platydoris genus hide under rocks during the day and come at night to forage. So take your choice, its either rock flipping during the day or a night dive! It might also help to be in the right part of the world! Now, let's see, where exactly is Raja Ampat?

The Webmaster
San Diego, California
October, 2005


K.M. Dorgan, A. Valdes and T.M. Gosliner. 2002. Phylogenetic systematics of the genus Platydoris (Mollusca, Nudibranchia, Doridoidea) with descriptions of six new species. Zoologica Scripta, 31: 271-319.

Jim Black in cockpit

Jim is currently on medical leave with US Airways after 27 years as a pilot..., flying Captain on an Airbus 330 Internationally.

Diving since 1970...with over 5200 dives logged. Shoots Nikon F4s in housing and Nikonos RS.

Jim's photography has been featured in a number of books and publications including Helmut Debelius' Nudibranchs and Sea Snails of Gosliner, Behrens and Williams Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific. A photo of Jim petting a shark in "Sleeping Shark Caves" off Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico, taken by Amy Foster his significant other, recently appeared in Dave Behrens' Diving Guide to Cozumel, Cancun & The Riviera Maja.

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