Armina sp.

Photo courtesy of Carole Harris and Leon Betts

Armina sp.

Well I think we have one more observation of the unidentified Armina sp. 4 on the Sea Slug Forum submitted by Mary Jane Adams . This shot is just one more of the wonderful critters documented by Carole Harris and Leon Betts in Dubai.

Bill Rudman points out that there is a large group of arminids with this pattern of longitudinal black lines, and this species clearly fits that. The external differences between species seems to be in foot color and the color of the head veil and rhinophores. Carol and Leon's critter here matches Armina sp. 4 on the Forum except that their specimen has a blue foot with a yellow marginal band, and the head has two black stripes between the rhinophores rather than one.

Until this group is reviewed anatomically as a whole, there is little we can do or say pertaining to their identity.

Dave Behrens
Danville, Calif
Jun. 2001

Carole and Leon live in the United Arab Emirates and have been diving for over 13 years. One of Carole's favourite photography subject is nudibranchs, because as she says, she is almost guaranteed to get a fairly decent shot! Living in the UAE has proved to be a most diverse and unexpected smorgasboard of offerings from a wide range of unusual nudis to robust ghostpipefish, pipehorse, pygmy sea moths, hammerheads, and recently a pygmy sperm whale.

Carole is currently working on a UAE dive guide book which is expected to be published in December... Includes details of the most dived locations, colour photographs and dive-site maps.

She is also a very active member in the Emirates Environmental Group, promoting underwater awareness to its members and the public alike and has struck up a friendship with a reporter who shares the same environmental eagerness and helps to highlight these matters in the local newspapers.

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Taxonomic information courtesy of Dave Behrens

David W. Behrens

Author: Pacific Coast Nudibranchs
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