Halgerda batangas

Photo courtesy of Webmaster
Batangas, Philippines, May 2000

Halgerda batangas Carlson & Hoff, 2000

After having seen this animal for a number of years in the Batangas region of southern Luzon, Philippines, it is somewhat of a relief that the animal has finally been described. Heretofore, we mistakenly referred to this animal as Halgerda carlsoni but it now has a proper name. However, now that's all said and done, it would be nice at some point in time to see a live specimen of H. carlsoni! The distinquishing external feature that seems to delineate H. batangas from H. carlsoni is the fine network of lines on the dorsum. H. carlsoni is covered with fine red specks rather than the network of lines. For a more indepth discussion the readers are referred to the paper below.

It has been my experience to find H. batangas under coral heads and ledges. Often as not, H. batangas seems to prefer protected areas and this is where the hunt might begin. On our last trip to the Batangas area of the Philippines, we were forunate to make several sightings.

The distribution range is said to be Australia; New Guinea, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Webmaster
San Diego, CA
July, 2000


C. H. Carlson and P.J.Hoff. 2000. Three New Pacific Species of Halgerda (Opisthobranchis: Nudibranchia: Doridoidea). The Veliger 43(2):154-163 (April 3, 2000).

Clay Carlson/Terry Gosliner
Makeshift Laboratory
Batangas, Philippines
April, 1997

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