Bulla gouldiana

Photo courtesy of Dr. Marc Chamberlain
Photo taken at Anacapa Island, Feb. 2000

Bulla gouldiana Pilsbry, 1893

This is one of the Pacific Coast cephalaspidean species with an externally visible shell. This "bubble" as they are referred to is similar to members of the genus Haminoea, but are larger and slightly more temperately distributed. Occurring from Morro Bay, in central California south to Ecuador, this species reaches over 55 mm in length.

Bulla gouldiana is a soft bottom, protected water species. Like other cephalaspids, it cruises just below the surface of the mud or sand bottom, feeding on various benthic species. The exposed shell has a distinctive pattern, and the semi-transparent mantle is brown with varying degrees of mottled bluish pigmentation.

Named after biologist Augustus Addison Gould, it is an active species as seen in Allen's video found here on the Slug Site, crawling and bulldozing for food. It is not uncommon to find large aggregations of this species mating and laying eggs.

Webmaster's Note:: For those of you that have the bandwidth, you might enjoy a short video clip of Bulla gouldiana by Dr. Alan Grant.(aka the Diving Dentist). This file is 5.8 megs and was recorded during the same trip to Anacapa Island in Feburary of this year. Click here to begin the show!

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Taxonomic information courtesy of Dave Behrens
Photograph courtesy of Dr. Marc Chamberlain

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