Doriopsilla albopunctata
Punta la Gringa, Bahia de los Angeles, Baja Californa

Doriopsilla albopunctata (Cooper, 1863)

This sponge-sucking cryptobranch nudibranch has had a varied taxonomic history. Bertsch (1981) provided the original date of publication of this species. In a recent Veliger article Terrence Gosliner, Maria Schaefer and Sandra Millen (1999) synonymized Doriopsilla albopunctata and Dendrodoris fulva (the latter having been placed in the wrong genus) and carefully explained the convoluted history of this species' nomenclatural history. They also described a wide range of variation in the coloration of this species along the California coast, which can even be seen in specimens from the Bahía de los Angeles area of Baja California. In the Gulf of California, I have seen this species feeding on an orange sponge. Copulating pairs are often found on this species of sponge or very close to it.


Bertsch, Hans. 1981. Correct authorship and date citations for several Californian opisthobranch gastropod taxa described in publications by Cooper and Cockerell. The Veliger 24 (1): 49-50.
Gosliner, Terrence M., Maria C. Schaefer, and Sandra V. Millen. 1999. A new species of Doriopsilla (Nudibranchia: Dendrodorididae) from the Pacific coast of North America, including a comparison with Doriopsilla albopunctata (Cooper, 1863). The Veliger 42 (3): 201-210.

Taxnomic Information and Photos courtesy of Dr. Hans Bertsch

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