Tambja mullineri

Tambja mullineri Farmer, 1978

This delightfully morose-colored species is endemic to the Galápagos Islands.

Two colors form the basic external appearance of this species. Broad turquoise-blue stripes are margined by blue-black lines. Gills and rhinophores exhibit varying amounts of these colors. The extruded penis may show a light green or bluish tint. In Farmer's original description they are reported to be small creatures, about three-fourths of an inch (15 mm) long. However, the description accompanying Paul Humann's color photograph in "Nudibranchs and Sea Snails" (by Helmut Debelius) states that these animals may reach 4 cm in length.

This intriguing animal was named in honor of the San Diego underwater naturalist and photographer David K. Mulliner. Additional information about its biology or distribution would be quite significant.

Tambja mullineri photo courtesy of Dr. Marc Chamberlain.
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David Mulliner is a true legend. He was Sea Hunt before Lloyd Bridges. Seriously, he has been diving and studying marine life in San Diego and Baja California for decades. He has also pioneered close-up microphotography, and is the staff photographer for the San Diego Shell Club's publication, The Festivus. His charming smile and welcoming embrace have encouraged many neophytes into studying nudibranchs and other molluscs. Dave has generously supplied specimens to many scientists. He continues to share his expertise, knowledge and photographs with all who share his love of the sea and its mollusc community.

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