Peltodoris sp.

Peltodoris sp.

An undescribed dorid species with a range from La Jolla, Catalina Island, and San Clemente Island, California to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California. The body is typically oval. The notum is covered with low, dense tubercles. The body color varies from creamy yellow to orange. A varying number and density or irregular blotches cover the mantle. The blotches are formed by groups of dark colored tubercles. These tubercles are brown and, due to their number and denisty, produce blotches of varying darkness. The gills and rhinophores are yellow to orange. Similar to Jorunna pardus except for its yellow gills and rhinophores.

Webmaster's Note: This animal was eventually described as Peltodoris mullineri by Millen and Bertsch in Nov. 2000.

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