Hopkinsia rosacea with egg mass on bryozoan Eurystomella
Photo courtesy of Alan Grant
Laguna Beach, Calif

Alan is the big guy to the right with Sandra Millen and Mike Miller( kneeling ) at the boat dock Nanaimo, British Columbia during a field trip to British Columbia in Sept.1998. Alan is a dentist by profession, but his main interest as a hobby is shooting video of small things underwater. He started diving while a student at Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara in 1963. Surfing was his main interest then. His first waterproof camera was a Brownie still camera in a plastic bag and dive mask faceplate. He got a few black and white photos with that. In the 70's, he graduated to home-made super 8 movie camera housings. By the mid 80's he discovered close up lenses and was taking shots of smaller things. By the early 90's he had graduated to top end consumer video equipment and was concentrating more on nudibranchs. He has been diving in many sites in the South Pacific and Asia, as well as the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to Baja California. Currently, he uses a Sony VX-1000 in a Gates Housing with dual video lights and a +6 diopter. For you still shot buffs, that translates to slightly more than 1:1 magnification. Alan hopes to find others who are crazy enough to try holding an underwater video housing still while videotaping these incredibly beautiful animals.

Send Alan email at dentadive@home.com

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