Phyllidiella rudmani
Cebu, Philippines

Phyllidiella rudmani Brunckhorst 1993

Species of the genus Phyllidiella tend to have pink colouration or pinkish hues. However, not every pink phyllidid belongs in this genus; for example, several species of Phyllidiopsis are dominated by pink colours. Phyllidiella species also tend to have black rhinophores, although the base of the rhinophore stalk may be pale - pale pink in Phyllidiella rudmani. P. rudmani has a pale pink dorsum with small rounded tubercles and two longitudinal black stripes. It appears to be reasonably wide spread from the tropical eastern Indian ocean to the western Pacific, having been collected from the Andaman sea, Timor sea, and in the waters of the Philipines, Papua New Guinea, and Great Barrier Reef. It feeds on a branching orange sponge of the genus Phakellia (Axinellidae) and was named in honour of Bill Rudman of the Australian Museum..

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