Plocamopherus maculatus

Plocamopherus maculatus (Pease, 1860)
Family Polyceridae

Plocamopherus maculatus (Pease, 1860) Family Polyceridae This pale, translucent slug exhibits little color except for some irregular patches of orange and yellow. It is nocturnal and according to Bertsch and Johnson the patches sometimes emit a bioluminescent glow when the animal is disturbed. Described from the Hawaiian Islands, the species has also been found in Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Debelius records it from Shark Bay, Western Australia. It probably feeds on bryozoans. This specimen was photographed in a cave at night at South Point, Hawai`i, the southernmost point in the United States. Depth was about 20 ft. (6 m.).

Photos and Text courtesy of John Hoover

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Hawaii's Fishes, a Guide for Snorkelers, Divers and Aquarists Mutual Publishing, 1993

Hawaii's Underwater Paradise, Mutual Publishing, 1997

Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates. Mutual Publishing, 1999.

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