Family Hydatinidae

Hydatina physis Lamarck, 1801
Family Hydatinidae

Hydatina physis (Linnaeus, 1758) Family Hydatinidae Closely set black spiral lines mark the shell of this opisthobranch, which is pinkish, with faintly iridescent blue borders. Fleshy flaps (parapodia) over the back partially cover the shell (true of all bubble shells). It occurs on shallow reef flats, most often from January to May, and is seen at night when it feeds on bristle worms of the family Cirratulidae. The white egg mass is sometimes carried for a time on the side of the shell, which in large specimens may be 1 1/2 in. long. The species occurs in all warm seas. Photo: Waikiki, O`ahu. 2 ft.

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